Thursday, 27 March 2008

Designer Disease

(Double Door Norma's New Disease)

Hang out too long with the Japanese?
You be gettin' their designer disease
Not to generalise...but generally

Their main goal in life....
Get all chained up in that Chanel Number Five
Hypnotised by them interlocking
Diamond-studded double C's
Standin' there in their triple A Victoria Secret bras
Faintin' from one whiff of that Tiffany breeze

Don't get bitten by Hello Kitty
That rash ain't pretty

Get all itchy crotchy on Versace
Don't pee your pants in your Louis Vuitton jeans
Brand those consumer cattle with a double D
Sold at auction.....Designer Disease

Lily-footing in their Jimmy Choos
Any brand name will do....
Long as I have heard of it...Have you?

I've been Gucci-fied
Thought I'd never buy my soul through Gucci
Not even the Chinese kind

Me, with a Gucci bag?
Bit like Colonel Sanders at The Ritz
Not the regular dollar store dime

Ooh...I been purchased!
Just wanted to change my worn out wallet
Now..... I got change
Nothin' but change left now
And a new wallet
With nothin' to put in it
Taxi---take me to Chicken Shack
Get myself some chicken wings
And call it Gucci Fried

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