Sunday, 23 March 2008

Mike on Bike

Mike on Bike
Mike on Bike
Don't take a hike unless you've got a
Mike on Bike

Michael's living room:
Part of bashed out eight family apartment building
All now under one roof....
The roof....and the house
Is set in a town with one gas station--
Modern version of a one-horse town
People wearing their pyjamas into the bar
A very casual dress code
However, they've recently taken out the gas station
Just left a coke machine behind....
Still a place to congregate.
But then...finally....they took the coke machine away too.
But that's OK. Luckily, Mike's got a living room.
No need to stand next to a coke machine
To enhance your social life.

The Contents of Mike's Living Room:

A giant mixer--payment from a bakery job he did
He makes oatmeal cookies--in mass quantities
A collection of arrowheads he found in the creek nearby
Many bottles of Jack Daniels and his friend, Johnny Walker
Motorbike parts on the dining room table
Twenty speakers stacked four high and five across
Thousands of pieces of music
One clip of grasshoppers recorded and slowed down
To sound like opera
A buffalo head
A big flag
And small flags
And fishing rods above the fireplace
And butterfly nets across the door
A stack of Eckankar books--new hobby due to new friend
Herbal tea and herbs for when Mari drops by
Nail clippers for fixing the radio
And a chainsaw for cutting up hash

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