Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Harries

Mandolin Player's smoke trails over my rice and
Lentil we share a bench on campus.
"How's the food?" he asks looking at it suspiciously.

Tea's delicious...fruity.
Can't tell what kind of fruit it is actually as it's too sweet.
Sort of overtaken by sugar.

And what do you suppose overtook these people?
All with the same haircut...same barber?
Are they all called Harry?
Don't they try to hypnotise you as they're serving the rice?

No. They aren't like that.
You can skip the sermon and go straight to the main course.
They don't make you believe in anything if you don't want to.

Be careful of the "free lunch".
You will be feeling it half an hour later.
And you might be "delayed" tomorrow if you have too much.

J:It's not free. The Hare Krishnas owe me big time.

M:How's that?

J:They took my purple dream chairs right out from under me. know their famously plush purple velvet
lounge chairs? Ikea-Habitat--John one does chairs like Starbucks.

M: Agree...the chairs are better than the coffee.

J: I asked the Hare Krishnas if they wouldn't mind saving a few chairs for me while I sorted out
some transport. A tip from the manager--they were refurbishing. They meditated on it..."Oh. Are they throwing them out? They'll be perfect for our upstairs meeting room. Thank you for telling us."

M: Oh. So you hate the Hare Krishnas or are you just getting even? Myself, I hate Starbucks....and not for the same tired reasons everyone else does.
J: Hate them? No. I wouldn't want to choke on their hocus pocus. And so what are your fresh new reasons for "hating" Starbucks?
M: I'm very serious about my coffee. I have a fabulous recipe
for a twist on Arabic coffee made with Italian espresso,
cardamon, cinnamon, and orange flower water.....
I would....
Make a fortune if I approached Starbucks with my special recipe
As it is so divine, that ...well. People would convert.
However, they would probably swallow up my idea,
change one tiny ingredient....
and it wouldn't even be theft.

So I will tell you, as there is no profit to be made...

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