Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Sahara Afternoon Moon

"Cool Han Luke" and Moon
Graceful painter mate that fella
Patient painter and a teller
Of the sails and how they blew

Turquoise bird is upside down
Peking seeds from hands of clown
Family's Take-away in town
Slurp your soup. Don't drink out loud.

Dis-enrolled from business school
Dis-inherited the blues
Disquiet hopeful parents--
Hopeless son's an arty fool

I would draw them but the charcoal couldn't lie
Can't trace the lines or lipsink two-faced smiles
If artists are just animals
Then restauranteurs are cannibals
Pass up your wantons for my wanton pace
With a suitcase full of brushes---soul in place

Not tucking up our son at school at night
So he shivered til his soul took flight

In a hairdryer-heated tent
That he pitched on cold cement
Old gas station--raincoat ribs
It's abandoned--not for rent

Canvas sleeping rough in Paris
Portrait painter selling flowers
Under bridges in the name of Mary Boone

Hitched and pitched around the Med
To paint mirages on Sahara Afternoons

It's a postcard that his parents wouldn't get
Or like to get
But I do bet
They give a huge damn now
So much better
Than the stampless cap and gown

There was a shot-addicted stranger
Lying dormant in motel
Didn't ring the doorman's bell
Didn't know this guy too well

Didn't knock, but he has taken me away
I only leave you with your lonely gold to pay
I'll budget this good-bye as I have died
In a New York neon sigh flashing by

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