Thursday, 6 March 2008

Goody Bar Good bye

Good bye goody good bar.
and hello
Fish swimming in the undertow.

Wipe the chocolate from your mouth.
And put the nap king down.
Drain your mind of bleeding ties.
And starve the monster in your head.
This whole fucking story has been too well overfed.

All the temples you destroy become rubble in your way.
Cut yourself while delivering the stab wounds.
Chuck some palm trees on the pyre of the flame.
Then throw the water. Support her
Smoke inhalation....from the old flame
Cough up those petty crimes.
Begin again

Some things just better from a distance
Like the minaret on a postcard in a drawer
Blow it a blameless kiss
When the stars are out.

An innocent trip back into your garden
Then tripped upon a few things that you said
Now I've managed to get up...
It's just a better feeling standing.

Stay behind the fence he sits on
Hope he gives that girl a ring
Friends are really lucky things

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