Monday, 31 March 2008

Late Advice

Don't be late for a date...not too late anyway. Five or ten minutes is fashionable. However, anything past half an hour is no longer considered "late". It's considered almost "not showing up". And when you do finally arrive, "stuck in traffic" will not cut it. If you are over half an hour late, you must come up with a really tragic someone jumped infront of the train you were about to get on (however, not a good one as this can be verified later), someone mugged you and stole your bus pass so you had to walk(always better to blame it on someone else), or... you were standing on the traffic island when a bus breezed by and caught your overcoat nearly dragging you under the wheels of the bus. To make this believable, you would have to rip your coat and put some tyre marks on it. Ripping and marking up the coat's gonna take time, so be prepared and keep a ripped raincoat in your closet for those really late occasions.
What's the real reason? Can't decide what to wear. Easily remedied. Just bring the outfits that you would like to wear with you. Decide on the way or when you get there. Still can't decide? Have your date decide for you. It is ok to bring one extra outfit with you. However, if it is more than one outfit, bring a suitcase. You can always say that you just came from the airport.
Other remedies: Set your watch fifteen minutes early. This is your new time zone. Or...Arrange your clothing in "outfit order" rather than separate skirts, pants, and shirts.

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