Monday, 24 March 2008

The Echoes of a Courtyard Child

The echoes of a courtyard child...
Brick can not absorb
Another ball
And so it bounces
off the wall and keeps the evening
weather mild

Mindless of the dinner "come inside"
He clips and twings the ball game sign

A target for his practice
As he seems to be the promise
Of the street
with his sophisticated
left-footed cleet

He'll make it
A crime...."No ball games here" Another time,
I'd use the park. It's rather queer. But it is dark.

Dark sir.... Kicking balls
Drowned out by traffic
Take him in, but he's too small

This sign is for the tennants' peace and quiet
Civilised and finely tuned into our television lies

Warm warning in the morning...
It's a form upon my dorm....If you can't tick
This box for shit, we can enlarge it for you--norm
We'll even translate "where you were born"

Staying close to home
While more than mother makes a stew of
Needles, pins, and pines...
Elastic glue
That twitters as they dine

Help yourself to sneezes as the cooking
Fills the breezes of the stair was school?

An elevated choo
Unriddles time
And lifts the lid
That helps the self to sleep

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