Sunday, 23 March 2008

Mind the Palm Trees

(Lila The Ex-Pat Polish Princess)

Do mind the palm trees
As you go up the stairs
Don't hold on to them
They're not plastic
But they're not rooted to the stair either
I know they look dead
They are dead

I am just waiting for some
Miracle grow
To bring them back to life

My friend who watches television
Told me about it.
She is so informative
Household products, gymnastic gadgets,
And strrrange personal products that I would
Never whisper a word about...however....
"G-Depend" panti liners for the aged
Who still prefer to wear things in the shape of a g-string
But can't manage themselves so well in other departments.

Me..."still"? No no no
Don't get me wrong
I have never spent my time
With panties riding up my bottom
How creasingly unpleasant
I have always had other things to do
I'm ten minutes past busy darling
Thank you Thank you.

Like water my palms....
Ohhh they are....
Such a lovely reminder of my old tennant
So generous and gentle
A good gardener too
Gave me all these palms
I even have some in the garden
Buried now

Little coconut graves

His name was Elvis
Perhaps you know him
I only say "was" as he was my tennant
But he is still alive
I meet him on occasion
In Monaco for scrabble
Not at all like people think
Not a gambler of any kind
He ate all his cereal for breakfast
Minded all the house rules
Except for one
He slept with the light on kept me awake

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