Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Triple G's

I met these people in the park the other day....
George and Georgina....real fine.
They's from Georgia.
And.... they gots a little daughter called Georgette.
Triple G's. Jesus. What's the matter with them?
Couldn't have called her Betty...or Sarah?
Ya'll got the same last name.
Ain't that enough?
They all like some Dr. Seuss story set in G ville.

Despite that all...they's my kind o people.
Offered me a beer in the children's park.
An this an uptight place...
Can't even eat yo own meat sandwich in the vegetarian cafe.
Drank the beers out of cardboard pirate cups....
Leftover from some kiddies birthday.
He say he start his cocktail hour at eleven o'clock
Bright and early...with a vodka martini.
Wonder if he has an umbrella with that?
I know...a little bit fancy.
But they's fancy people.
They's antique dealers.

I been round their studio.
They got busts.
What's a bust?..It an old time word for titties.
He show me this poor woman made a marble....
She been through it....
Her nose all broke legs....
Probly her husband did that.
That ain't no bust honey...
That all busted up.
An' he tryin' to sell it?
I reckon she needs buryin' back from where she came.

Then, they got these little wooden men
All grinnin' with no teeth...
Bits of twig for hair....
All the way from Africa.
Now what am I gonna do with that?
Scary though... wouldn't need a guard dog.

Ya'll know 'bout these antique dealers?
They the ones tryin' to sell you some old piece of china
All cracked up and dusty...found in the gutter
Tellin' you ya'll gotta pay more cus it a thousand years old.
I don't want no used china.
And if I did,
I'd take myself down to the Salvation Army.
Get myself a coat as well.
They gots stacks of it....just sittin' there for fifty cent.
George and Georgina?
I'm thinkin' ya'll is crooks of the crockery.

Personally, I prefer plastic.
Ya'll can't into no trouble with plastic.
It hit the wall, it bounce back.
My third husband.
There were never no conversation
Without some piece o china go
Flyin' cross the livin' room....
As if that's more persuadin'
After him, I switched to tupperware.

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