Sunday, 30 September 2007

Prada Man

Prada Man
His life like a 1970's movie
Disco balls n all....
That man like a traveling discotecque
All glittered up and no where to go

He be window shoppin' all the time
Sometimes, he can barely afford to look in the window.
He should get on the other side--
Be a window dresser or somethin'
Model them clothes he always salivatin' over.
"Gucci, Gucci, Gucci."
It only a scarf. Practically peed himself.
Imagine.....if he would've got a suit.

His favorite shop?
Prada---short for Pretty Raw Deal
All you got in there is handbags for ladies
And some ladified men.
Big ones little ones leather ones....every size.
If you gots 500 dollars, ya'll can get yo'self a coin purse.
Just what you'd be needin'
After ya'll spend that five hundred dollars,
All you got left is change.

He resourceful though.
He just go in there and ask for a carrier bag.
Plasticated paper with the "PRADA" in the big letters.
Make it look like he just been shoppin'
Truth is...he been wearin' the same shirt since 1975.
But ya'll wouldn't catch him dead with a wrinkled old shoppin'
He get them bags any time he like
As many as he want.....he persuasive.

Cute n' all....handsome boy
Gots them skinny little designer glasses
To match his plaid pantied designer ass.
He all into fashion.
Always wearin' a scarf.
Even in the middle of the hottest summer.

If there ain't no breeze to justify it,
He just whip himself around so there is one.

Other night, her were out with Deborah.
She a housewife without the husband---until today.
She 49, three kids, and he just timeless.
They got to drinkin' too much.
Three AM, old Prada Man, he were toasted.
Had to find 'emselves a bar with a couch
So he could lay his pretty head down and take a rest.
Never one to let somethin' like bein'
Tired and trashed
Spoil an evenin'.

He sleepin'---she dancin' away.
Next thing you know...
She dancin' with this 25 year old
Perky boy from Pakistan.
He buff. He fine.
Got them muscles in all the right places.
And him? He just knocked over by her beauty....
Course it were dim lightin'.

Once they quit dancin'
He knew right then an' there...
He gonna dance with her for the rest of his life.
So what he do?
Waste no time.
Went outside and waited...
Got right down on bended knee
When she come out the door
and asked her to marry him
Right there and then
In all the puke with all the people
Comin' out the club.
He didn't even know if this Prada Man were her boyfriend or not.
He say " I fight 200 men for you honey." kneelin' in the puke.
Course ain't much of a battle
They was all comin' out of GAY bar.
He say he just in there cus the drinks is cheap.
Deborah weren't so sure so she ask Prada Man's opinion.
Prada Man, being seasoned at checkin' out men,
Took one look and said hey...
"He worth at least a one night stand."
And so it started.
Infact, they got married today.
I think we all be trippin' down to GAY bar now.
Bless 'um n' Good luck

(Spoken Time 3:22)

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