Thursday, 27 September 2007

Suicide Volunteers

Now Lucy...she so sad and lonely.
She got the suicide hotline number --one on the speed dial.
She be pressin' it all the time.
She abuses that number...
She even tried to order a pizza through them one time.
"I'm gone kill myself if you don't get me a pepperoni and sausage pizza
Right now delivered to my door in the next thirty minutes....
And throw in a side salad and coca cola."
She didn't get it.
Then she call 'em up and say she gonna sue them
For makin' her take her own life.
You know what they say when she call?
"Oh it you again. Ain't you dead yet?"

They know she just lookin' for attention.
I think they's spose to be nice n' supportive
But they's just people--They's sick of it.
N' they don't get paid neither.
Suicide Volunteers.
Now what kind o trip is they on?
Is they lives so bad, they gotta listen to someone else's
Sorry tale just to make themselves feel better.
They low down....obviously got problems of their own
So bad they just wanna git out of the house.
Two in the morning?
What would you rather be doin'?
Sittin' in some phone call center
With flourescent lightin' and powdered coffee drinks?
Or restin' up after some old fashioned booty bashin'?
Ain't what I call a social life.

(Spoken 1:26)

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