Sunday, 30 September 2007

Cyber Strangers

Ya'll want to know the most unnatural way
To waste you time?
Internet datin'.
Save yo dime.
Cyber strangers funny folk.
Ya'll gotta be able to take a joke.

My name's George I'm 44.
I got two kids
They don't live with me no more.
My name's Philip...I'm 46
Killin' time in my office
I do this for kicks.

Typin' away to people you don't know.
Get ya into trouble
Eventually a "no."
Be careful what yo fingers say
Else ya gonna be
Tellin' um the size of yo underwears
For free.

Then, when do you meet?
They ain't the same person as in the photo.
They been digitally retouched so many times....
In actual fact...they more like Quasi Modo.

Or otherwise...
Ya'll be chattin' away on the messenger
Gettin' on like long lost cousins..
"Ya'll so interestin'...sound fantastic."
As soon as you send a photo...
"Not my type"
That pick-ups in reverse
Backin' up the speed of light.

They don't like you---you don't like them
It mutual....ain't nothin' to pretend.
They's got bad breath
You can't even tell 'em
'Cause you don't know 'em well enough
To offend 'em.
So if I in the mood for anymore
I think I'll be stickin' to the Double Door.

(Spoken Time 1:03)

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Liza Abigail said...

Lol! They probably type because their breath stinks so much it's better to chat. Check out this blog, it has a lot of info about bad breath --