Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Lila Knocks at My Door

I wonder.
Do you have some bread?
I am not the sort of person that I can't afford my own bread.
No. Infact, I probably have nicer bread than you.
But I was just being neighborly.
And as I am somewhat diabetic,
I can't ask you for sugar.

Oh. Thank you. This bread....I wonder.
Could you toast it for me?
I am not the sort of person to have bread by itself;
Not even with jam and butter.
Can you put jam and butter as well please?

Or perhaps some meat you have.
I know you have some meat in the house
As I heard a baby crying the other day
When I was walking past.
You must have meat in the house
If you have a baby.
It is essential for babies of all kinds.

No?....I wonder.... Do you have some money?
I would like to go to the cinema.
You see. I locked myself out
And I am waiting for my husband to come home
To let me in.
I am not the sort of person to walk the streets
Aimlessly pretending to window shop
Or admire trees in the park
Feeding birds with stale bread
Picking up loose rubbish in the pathways
Fighting with people on the bus who get in my seat
Asking for discounts on rotten meat
Listening to the laughter of other people's children
No. That is not me.

My husband will return soon.
He is on a no-smoking program.
They make him take flights to far away places
Six hours at a time
And sit on the plane where he can not smoke at all
Not even in the lavatory.
He is so brave to do this.
It is very expensive for him and very painful.
And the instructor..he has to pay for her too...
But he says he thinks that in one year from now...
Or maybe two, he...he will be cured.

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