Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Billy Bradson

When I first become a teenager,
I reckoned it were time I started....
I started a few things...
Started wearing make-up....
My mama...she said,"Make-up! You's is only 13 girl.
Next thing you know, you be starring in a
Whore movie."
You know how all roads lead to Rome?
Well with my Mama,
It's all roads lead to a whore movie
And you is the star.

I were thinkin she left out a few key stages there--
there's the first date, first boyfriend, first pizza together,
first under-aged beer, first kiss,
Then first base, second base, third base....
Home run..... first loss of the virginity.
Not that there's a second.

'Course I remember this loss very well.
One day, I were putting on my mascara
In the wing mirror of Billy Bradson's motorcycle.
Always had to sneak and put it on outside the trailer
On my way to school.
Billy were sweet....big family....
His daddy was a lawyer.
His younger brother's daddy was a fireman.
But his older brother's daddy....He a bum.
So Billy used to get on his bike and ride sometimes.
Long journeys....gone for days or weeks at a time.
So when he asked me if I wanted a ride that day,
I agreed....
And I never did touch my big toe back inside Tennessee
Ever again.

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