Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Hare Krishna Underwear

I been havin a bad day all day today
An it ain't even happy hour yet.
Think its on account of my underwears.
If I don't get them right,
Ain't nothin' go right the rest of the day.
That a basic.
Ya'll gotta to keep all tucked up inside.

These that I is wearin' today?
They was a gift....
No. It ain't what yo thinkin...
Nothin' lacey goin' on.

...One hundred percent
Pure white cotton.
Five for a dollar.
Couldn't be more plain if you was campin'.
I bet the ladies in the army got better gear than this.
An they's is nearly men.
Yeah my panties today--- was from a female friend.
She elderly
or else, she trying to convert me
To some religion where they don't have sex.

Like them Harry's with the orange bedsheets?
They be chantin' all day
Slappin' themselves upside the head
Tryin to think of nothin'.
Hell. I got drugs for that.
I'll give you some.
"Hum dah hum dah hum dah..."
No You Harrys... It's "Hum vee."

A Humvee is what you be needing....
And a new song.
That'd put some style back in yo religion.
You got to modernize.
I can see ya'll in that big yellow hum vee now
Tooling down the road...
Picking up converts...
Wearing orange bikinis.
Skip the free dinners honey.
Get yo self a sound system
Put in your Hare Rama CD.
N you good to go.
...Hum Vee Heaven.

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