Friday, 28 September 2007

Freight Trains

Freddy drives a freight train.
He used to drive a truck.
And before that,
He were so low down on his luck,
He had a bicycle....
With one wheel.

He come up in the world though.
I get so proud thinkin' how he did that.

One day, it were so cold and wintry.
He decided he didn't want to ride home no more.
So he stold himself a car--just sittin' there with the keys in it.
Ain't technically stealin' if it like that.
He said it were a gift from the Lord.
His religion allows for it.
It got all kind o clauses.

Then the car broke down one day.
He were at a truck stop fillin' up on pancakes.
He got to talkin' friendly with one of the truck drivers.
Freddy so social.
Man said he was goin' to California.
Guess he never got there as he gave Freddy a ride.
Freddy say he just fell out o the truck
When they was changin' drivers.
Such a shame.
He got to his destination though--changed ID with the man
So as it would be no trouble for his boss....paperwork n' all.
And do you know?
That man were actually a train driver.
So Freddy took over his job.
'Course he had to change his name to Earl
But that a small price to pay.

(Spoken 1:17)

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