Friday, 28 September 2007

Hello Kitty

Japanese ladies and cameras.
Clickin' clickin' clickin'
Do you ever see them floatin' around
Skimmin' the sidewalk with their tiny little shoes?
They got $500.00 in their pink little Kitty purses.
All prettied-up just to go out an' buy more pretty kitty things.
"Oh look! It a Kitty address book.
I don't have one of those.
Not in pink anyway."

They like miniature dolls.
Got the Chinese eyes.
Drink lots of tea.
Eat the food with the sticks.
Now what up with that?
No wonder they so skinny.
How's you gonna eat a hamburga with a stick?
Pick it up with yo bare hands please.
And put away that instant liquid hand soap.
Ya'll ain't that dirty.
They's get in out everytime they even touch a pole on the bus.
It an insult to the bus driver and to me.
And what's they doin' here anyway?
They says they here to learn English.
Hell. Some of them twenty years old.
Didn't they learn English at home?
An' anyway. This America. We don't talk that language here.

(Spoken 1:06)

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