Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Lawyer Sawyer

Now there be one of my customers....
Who was all talk and tallness.
Lawyer Sawyer
Used to handle divorces
So ain't so dumb as to be getting married anytime soon.
An as it is,
He got so many women...
One for every day of the week.
He couldn't choose if he had to.
'Course he living in Asia.
It a country where that there is legal.
He good with the ladies.
He gone a long time now.
I reckon he off sippin'Mai Tais on the Mekong
Right about now.

I asked Lawyer Sawyer why he went to Korea.
I asked a couple of his colleagues first.
"Oh I came to see the temples."
"I came to see the mountains."
" I wanna learn the language."
Not Lawyer Sawyer.
He a straight talking man.
He said,
"I came here, to make as much money as I can
And have as many women as I can find."

One time, Lawyer went to the bank.
He were changin his four thousand dollars
into Korean money for one of his "holidays".
It called won and got a lot of zeros after it.
But the bank lady made a mistake.
She got all caught up with them zeros....
And gave him the equivalent of
Forty Thousand Dollars.
'Course, not wanting to embarrass her,
He just took it and went.
He packed a small suitcase
An got on a plane.
I reckon he got himself a Loooong vacation.
Honey he still on it.

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