Saturday, 29 September 2007

Cannelloni Toni

And then there's Tony.
He another neighbor....Cannelloni Toni.
Hell. He a neighborhood unto himself.
Got his tv all cabled up so it play out Italian radio.
He were watchin' Miss Italia get crowned last week.
Boy were he happy.

Let's say he ain't much into decoratin'
Got a picture of the Pope all taped up on the kitchen door
Right next to some ladies he don't know
Legs akimbo.
They touchin' themselves
But they don't got no toilet paper
No panties on neither.

You know--them postcards ya'll get out of the phone booth?
He so cheap, he don't even buy his own pornography.
And Finally,
He got his dead brother and his grandkids...
All up on the same wall.
He don't even think to take 'em down
When the family visits.
"Oh look. There's Nicola, there's Sylvester,....
There we are at Disneyworld....
An' who's that? Snow White?.
That ain't Disney."
Boy. He livin' in another country.

Course he has some redeemin' qualities.
Come Wednesday nights,
He cook up a big cannelloni
For the whole neighborhood.
He bring it round to my door.
"...Is Toneeee....Cannelloni...."
All that greasy cheese.....

Pasta....It only flour and water.
How come they got fifty different names for the same thing?
This one's spaghetti---it too long---get all over your chin.
This one's linguini----it too long too, but a little bit fatter.
....Still get on your chin.
This one's fuselli----all curly like your mama's hair.
And this one. It got some little bundle o cheese
Tucked up inside it.

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