Thursday, 27 September 2007

John and Shirley

Now John and Shirley...
They been together so long,
They can't remember how they met
Or whys theys still togetha
Hell. Maybe they is just
Brother and sister....caught up in the same bed.
They be fightin' all the time like cat and dog
Bicker bicker bicker
And then -bang- some piece o china go missin'
John , he like hangin with the gay boys.
He say it a hobby--not an occupation.
I ain't so sure as they still don't have no kids
After twenty years....all that time.
An Shirley there....She got a book on the bedside table...
"How to get pregnant."
Honey.First of all.... Put down the book. That how you do it.
Ain't no reading involved as far as I know.
Me. I'm self-educated.
I started when I was thirteen.
Got a lot a years behind me.
Under age I know, but ya'll got a good appetite
For absorbing things when yo younger.
That what the teacher said.

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Lawanda said...

Good for people to know.