Thursday, 27 September 2007

Little Ben Fixing the Road

(My Three year old son talking.)

Oh No.
He picked the pieces.
This stop going making.
We we we we.
Chuck a too Chuck a too.
Look. look look look. look
See. That's blue. That's blue color.
Come on. Some body. uh oh. He gonna
Missed it. He's some in a book. Let's see.
Car car. Let's see. What happen/ It's on a blanket . in a bed.
somebody is in the bed. where's gone. i don't know.
is everywhere pieces. Let us see. Uh oh. so sorry.
I so sorry Benjamin. I don't know is ever fixing broke.
It have that way. In a middle. we we we wo.
Khhh. un n n. Doo doo doo. doo du du. look.
The fixing road. the all fixing road. look they all fixing road see.
They all the fixing in the building in the blocks. Look He's doing a building.
The wheels coming. tffff. tff. tffff.
One. yeah. that's number six. He do the number six.
Look . There's number two. one two. Let's do some number twos.
One and thirty and sixteen. Under go they left.
Look the fixing road. bee bee bee bee. Phhhhhh.
Oh Benjamin. He crash.. eeee he jump on the bed. he on his own
jum p in the bed. I smashed in the I got all the smashed on the bed.
Wa wa wa. uh oh Mr. Forest. Eject his salad. He jumped the salad.
I can't see it now. I can't see it. But I more. get it now.
You get it. You get it. A wah. Gudda wah--six and fours.

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