Saturday, 19 April 2008

Tubs or Sachets?

J. works as a food taster at Tesco. Recently, her panel was asked to identify the pros and cons of tubs and sachets. In response:

I prefer tubs to cartons or sachets as:

1. the tub will not fall over in the fridge if you don't use all of it. 2. The tub might be recyclable 3. a clear tub will allow you to see how much sauce is left simply by looking at the container 4. tubs can be reused later as containers for other things....unless they are made of waxy cardboard. They can also be stored under the sink if you have this household-hint-habit/problem 5. tubs just feel better.

What is wrong with sachets? Everything. 1. You don't know who is buying the product. You can't measure for that person. It might be one single person on a diet. It might be a family of four...or seventeen. People like to measure it themselves. Gice the consumer that little feeling of personal power. 2. There is nothing more annoying and unhygenic than a half-used sachet of a something in the cupboard or fridge--especially if it is liquid. It spills everywhere. It goes fungal. Pretty soon, the whole fridge smells of "tomato surprise tonight." 3. I have a bag of sachets in my cupboard from various boxes of sachets. It is a conglomeration of cup of soups, spices, leftover pumpkin seeds... a real lonely mix of ingredients resembling an endless loop of speed dating with no one pairing off---a completely bad dream. 3.5 They are too flimsy and they get lost in the cupboard or fridge. They can't stand up. 4. Especially if it is liquid, I get the feeling someone is making me use the whole thing...and if I don't, the waste-not-want-not police will be haunting me in my sleep as I burp myself into dream state.

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