Thursday, 10 April 2008

Happy in my Unhappy State

If you put "assholes" and "US Embassy" into google at the same time, the results are interesting. Swap them around. They are interchangeable. You still get the same information.
Then when you google "How to deal with beaurocratic asswipes", Us immigration policy is the first thing on the list.
Apart from that unpleasant start to the day, things turned out absolutely rosey. There were cock a doodle doos in Coram fields in the morning enhanced by bleating goat noises as the goats were out munching on bushes.
Italian Papa Tony made filet mignon for lunch and plaice in a buttery sauce with broccli and mashed potato. It would be five star if only the premises were more cheery. I cheerified the kitchen until his two sponges were completely taken over by a brown grease. My chipping in ends when we run out of sponges.
Adrian in Hoxton gave further Machiavellian advice on how to deal with the embassy officials. "Line them up and shoot them." This was interwoven with tidbits of Greek, Italian and American history. "What fools some of these people are who call themselves classical scholars! Ofcourse Anthony and Cleopatra spoke Greek in private. Rome was taken over by the Greeks. Why would they trouble themselves with Latin in the bedroom? They weren't at school in that department." I had never thought about what language they spoke. It had never come up before.

And a thought on the poppy fields in Afghanistan. If the government wanted to end this opium and heroin trading, they would only have to take a sunny day like today when the Afghans have put down their guns and are collecting their crops. Surprise them and machine gun them down. But that would be too easy. He and I differ here slightly as I think it would be cruel to do that. He says it's called war. Poppies are historically their livelihood. What else would they do in their rocky terrain? Sunbathe? They can't. They have all those sheetlike robes on--part of the religion. And then, there was a poster which said...."I am not happy, but I am happy in my unhappy state." which seems to partially describe Adrian who is very cautious about being happy especially as he came only in the top five of fallen mayoral candidates for the upcoming election. The people elect. And the election committee caught them out on a technicality regarding the 330 signatures they need--ten from each of the 33 London Bouroughs. Therefore, it is his new mission to scour the clipboards of the more official candidates and see if he can catch them out on a technicality. This is the first time that they have had London Elect on the internet. It is some token democracy trying to spring up. He looks forward to more elections of this kind.

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