Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Snooze Button

Five? No...four. Who gets up at four? That's the rota for a teenage paper route. Well. It wasn't four, but it was pre-sunrise....basically too early in my memory. My parent's thought this bag of papers which I had to roll, rubber band, and deliver in the dark hours of the morning would build character. No. It just clogged up the drains on Buckeye Drive. There are so many other ways to build character. It may have back-fired. It may have put me off waking up early for life. The subliminal equation for me: Waking up early= getting bitten and barked at by neighbourhood dogs. Mind you, I got more than a year's earnings come Christmas time from all the envelopes marked "paper girl". Then I got frostbite from losing my shoe in a snow bank one morning....saved by a man who invited me in for cocoa and called my parents. That was enough for me to retire.

What kind of time do people go to bed to get up at four? Set your alarm. You won't get a wake-up call from me. Sometimes I'm up at 5:30...Do I get a star? The Rockford Register Star. That's pre-cartoon hour. Though I am woken. Does that count? I think it's reasonable to wake between the hours of seven and eight:....32....38, 39,....and still "catch the worm." I believe in the snooze button. Morning snoozes are the best followed by lemony pancakes with their tanned ripples resembling the mountainous regions of Europe. And weekend snoozes are even better. Look at yesterday. I needed a weekend snooze after that, but had to take a pre-sleep nap instead. What a workout...hands and knees for seeming hours--out of breath from a mega house tidy-- getting deja vu from picking up toys and personally hand-hoovering hard to reach corners full of miscellaneous medium sized dust.

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