Thursday, 24 April 2008


Haunch of Venison...Lord Nelson's old residence...excellent opening tonight. Borderline rude with images from the Karma Sutra positioned in graffitti ridden space. Matching called Japanese Lady's Slipper. The other one...Forgot the and vodka and some secret ingredients. Gabriella, Richard, The lady who curated the show last year at the place I forget the name of across from Ham House...and Prada man was there. He had just been at a party with Claudia Schiffer and Paul McCartney. He had his Agent Provacateur shopping bag with him as usual. And tutted...."Why do they shag with robes on?" as he admired the art. Got lost in TopShop on the way home. Getty Images had a strict guest list but Adrian was trying to convince them that he was press as he has written for Time Out in the past, but didn't have an article with him. Ran into a woman who is a clothing and fabric designer who I met at Indigo in Paris a few years ago. She is planning to market knickers in a plastic you get out of gum machines. Good job I didn't bike there.

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