Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Broken Mode

Escalating destruction

It started with the stiff shower knob.
I should have made a sign....
"This knob is too stiff. Use two hands."

Now it is broken.
We are in broken mode.
I am in an unwashed unshowered broken mood.
The stars have all aligned themselves with mars.
Beaming down on me
"Broken broken"

Then the lift decides it's on overload.
In other words, it will not go up and down
unless there are no passengers.
Fine. I can deal with it.
I will just leave my bicycle downstairs.

This morning?
I'm riding my bike, but something seems odd.
Oh. I have a flat tyre.
Because I left my bike downstairs
For the "youths"
who have ripped off the reflectors
and let the air out of the back tyre or punctured it.
So I keep on riding as don't want Ben late to school.

Then I walk the bike to the Gray's Inn Cycle shop.
Half way there, the inner tube comes out.
So I lift up the back tyre and wheel it there
Counting the steps as the bike is getting heavier.
I get to the bike shop.
There's a "for rent" sign in the window.

So. I take out the inner tube and wheel it
to the next bike shop
Lamb's Conduit
Where it will rest in pieces
until they fix it.

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