Thursday, 3 April 2008

Out East

Deepest Hackney this evening....Medium deep actually....Viner or Vryner street.
I get it mixed up with a place in Champaign that had excellent icecream. That was Vryner.
Tonight, I had to forego my usual cuisine for fish fingers....not that I had to. I was in a fish finger mood. But I had to microwave them as I was in a rush to get out the door. It was a choice....stay home and eat marinated spicy sesame chicken on the grill or jam some fish fingers down you. Mind you...I had them with a nice sauce of horseradish and mayonnaise. Something I would do again even if not pressed for time.
Because Victoria Miro runs out of beer before 7:30 usually. That's being honest. Ofcourse I love the art there....always painterly paintings as opposed to specially arranged piles of brick with a deeper meaning hidden under the rubble...academic goulash. And they have the best patio in town. Silver balls floating in the pond...Better than fish...or fish fingers. And San Miguel beer tonight as opposed to the usual Peroni. Inka Essenhigh tonight. A mixture of Erte and cartoons. Whimsical sci-fi.
On with Tim Flitcroft to Viner street. Tim...believes that part of his soul is missing or so deeply scarred that he can't find it. Oh well. Have a mint.(something is moving in the closet)
Marco who was performing with douglas Parks at the sun and dove said that his performance went well. Lots of profanity was used, but he avoids the word "cunt" as this is a cheating word. It always gets a result. whereas "Prick" just lays there in a fuddle. Being so well read, he didn't have to use either as that is a cheap trick. And some tidbit of information...Cheap Trick played at my high school prom. I have touched Robin Zander in passing.
I made a slight scene at one gallery trying to use the toilet which was locked and ended up...that I talked with a man Tony who had a suit on. Easy to guess that he worked there as he was the only person in a suit. Suits are subversive in Medium Deep Hackney. And I might have a show there..Who knows. Nettie Horn.
Met stylish Fabio and his friend on the way home. His friend had worked at this gallery where I was desperately trying the knob to the toilet. The knob is still in tact. Fab and his friend were disappointed to see yet another gallery was opening on Mare Street. They were hoping for a sandwich shop. "As this is Kebab land. You can only eat pizza or Kebabs. " So sorry. They will have to make their sandwiches at home.

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