Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fashion on the bus

Double Door Norma on Fashion Faux Pas.... Tonight's Performance At Euston's Exmouth Arms The Upstairs Cellar Folk Night.

What was that...? that woman on the bus with her holy thigh high tights....huge rips....And a mini skirt five sizes too small. hadn't even done up the zip. Quick exit from the bathroom ? No I think she couldn't do it up. Now I forgive her if she was just coming from a party....but as it was 7:30 pm at the time, it was either a very long party or ...she had just come from a brunch brawl. And then, she didn't look the brunch type.
As she had the body of retired athlete...big track and field thighs...even though she was under twenty five....It was not a good look ...those tights...
Did she actually put those tights on with the holes and rips already in them? Did she do that herself or buy them that way. Let's hope it was a DIY job...must have taken ages. Or did she make the rips after she had put them on?
Then a straw handbag .. the kind you only buy on holiday and leave in the hotel for the maid when you leave. In her case, she looked like she hadn't been on a holiday in a while..probably an oxfam find. Bet she got the tights there too. And she had it taped closed with silver electrical duct tape....Punky maybe...
I just had to get a photo, so I was trying to snap her from behind with my mobile phone...but she turned around...just texting.

Now tonight....I'm not one to be pointing the fashion finger as I am treading on the very edge of being fashionable myself by wearing this too bright orange cycling jacket. Why am I wearing this orange get up? To distract you from the message on my t-shirt...."drugs, sex, and rock n' roll." And also, I was clearing out my closet...decided that if I didn't wear this jacket toooo night, that it had to go out. I don't mean out as in Going out...on a I mean out as in out. This is the sort of jacket it is safe to wear on holiday as you won't be seein' those people again. However, I am changing my mind about this jacket. I think it's ok.

Why is it ok? Well look at the woman in the front row there. What is she wearin'? Bright pink velour trousers? Little secret...they double as pyjamas. Only she and her husband know that. Didn't have time to change. Husband just woke her up and put her in the car. But then, she did have time to find some little socks with a pink stripes that pull it all together just in time. And the top? Cream turtle neck...not exactly a statement is it?....but it looks comfortable. And if I were wearing pink pyjama bottoms to go out, I'd need something to comfort me.

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