Monday, 14 April 2008

Monday Night

Groupo Lokito at SOAS a lively Congolese dance band. Odd for them to pick this group up off the street as it is usually a sit down and listen arrangement. They were very good. But they need to dress better and shake off their busking look...apart from "limo" who had a nice checkered shirt and shiny white double guitar. Yes. A good workout. One tiny lady dancing wildly in a tiny way eight steps to the four count as opposed to two or four. Someone trying to dance salsa with me which was messing me up. Some people sitting soured faced and cross legged looking like the actresses in The Adams Family. A Korean family giving the thumbs up to various dancers and smiling. They were the self-appointed judges for the evening. Their children were playing portable video games. It was a hats off night.

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