Thursday, 17 April 2008

Noodle Man Postcard

This is the Easter Noodle Man. He is sucking noodles up in through his nostrils from a bowl the size of his face. He is holding the bowl lovingly with two hands. Arms around it like a replacement mama. One gets a warm yellow feeling from this as the background is yellow hinting at Easter. to see graphics by Yiyang Wang... No that graphic is long gone.

Who is the Easter Noodle Man really and what does he want?
He wants to wish you a Happy Easter...
Or as he would call it...
Chocolate Chick Giving Time
But wasn't Easter a few weeks ago?
Not sure. Ask Easter Noodle Man.
Oh. He doesn't know. He's Japanese.
That is the beauty of the Easter Noodle Man.
Easter is never belated with him
As he doesn't know when it is.
It's generally in March or April.
But as every other school has a different idea of when to have their school holidays,
Who can blame me for not knowing when exactly Easter is? It just seems to be this prolonged
two or three week period which ends when the chicks finally stop chirping and chocolate eggs go on sale at Woolworth's. I have a feeling Easter was a few weeks ago as I recall some chocolate eggs on a friend's dining room table and a big feast of meat and niblets.
Check calendar. Oh there you go. It was the 23rd of March. I should probably delete this entry. People will think I don't know what day it is...when Infact...I know....It's April.

What happens when your almost-four-year-old is off school for two weeks? It's a helliday. "But why is the school closed Mummy?".... Because the teachers are sleeping. "But I'm awake. I'm not sleeping." So we go to the school to make sure that the teachers are really asleep. You may find yourself fishing in the loo for one hundred unravelled aqua-tinted rolls....what happens to the cardboard tube? It becomes a wristband for a Ben Ten watch.....why did he need eight of them? for his friends..., What does he say, "I didn't mean to." Where has he learned this useful get-out phrase?
And you see Peter Pan about Pirates....and why not? Go see it again the next evening. Because this is the best Peter Pan the world has ever seen, you find the ends of your geraniums cut off and replanted...."look has more.", you find your paintings in a stack with some books now converted into a truck ramp, you make pancakes, and more pancakes, squeeze lemons, heat up beans, stick hotdog sausages onto bamboo toothpicks while your child uses pencils to do the same, then he finds that the bamboo toothpicks are sturdy enough to pry the wheels off his Lightening Mcqueen. So where does the time go? There. That's where it went.

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