Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hatless Heads

A hat salesman from Kensington Chelsea used to sing his hat songs to the many ladies with hatless heads who passed his stall. A hat monger. A sing songer. A man who used to find himself with three dates for the evening by the late afternoon. A good job, a thriving stall....but so costly, these perks. The first...a coffee, the second, a bar, and the third, he would take home to bed. A busy man.
And he even met a very famous singer. She was a back up singer at the time...for a Michael Jackson. And offered him free tickets which he declined. Then a few months later, she was back with Don Henley. With his back stage pass, he found himself inundated with press and paparazzi. They asked him who he was. He could not pretend to be spectacular. He could not forget that he was ...a measly hat monger. They wanted him to be so much more than that as they had a few more spaces in their Elvis's dead brother. Make it up. But his friend wanted to go home...and so he took that fork in the road...the one ...he doesn't regret it. He feels that he doesn't, with his background as a philosopher of political history, have the credentials to be a rock star. Rock Stars? Do they need credentials?

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