Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Last Name is a Good Idea

Caller: Hello. Is Jon there please?
Sec: Which John would you like?
Caller: The John who just called from this phone.
Sec: I'm not sure which John that is. He might have rung through from his desk. No last name?
Caller: No. He's a John without an H....a J-O-N ......Jonathan?
Sec: Jon...Athan? oh...more information. Is he Taylor Woodrow?
Caller: No. His name's Jonathan.
Sec: Do you know which company he works for?
Caller: He works for himself. It might be....The "Jonathan Something" Company.
Sec: I see. There are about thirty people in this office. We have about six Johns.
Caller: That's a lot of Johns....Six in thirty...That's a one in five ratio.
Sec: You're good at math.
Caller: He's the John that's tall and friendly.
Sec: Tall and friendly? hmmmm.
Caller: He's a consultant.
Sec: Ah ha. A consulatant.... on what?
Caller: He consults.
Sec: Anymore?
Caller: He has blue eyes and he always wears black shoes.
Sec: Well. Sounds like a nice guy. Maybe next time you talk to him, you should ask him his last name.
Caller: Good idea.

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