Sunday, 30 January 2011

Who's Glee?

fur dancin'
Wit Who?
step step to know wouldn't you.
what in the name the zippidy doo da diddly ding r u talkin" bout?
I'm just a mindin my owwwwn b.
N I'm just sayin' her name Glee.
Glee-- a close personal friend of mine
And so tell me. Tell me bout Glee.
She's a rootin tootin, cotton pickin.  cheerleadin,vo-calizin,  mercedes mamboin, who's the daddy questionin'. high falutin, cattle rustlin, rodea riding, stetson stonkin, do see do-ing, corn husk reapin,  irmas hygeine obessin, diva offin, cake bakin, spitton ringin, lasso lovin, cowboy cuddlin piece of girly horse dung.
How do ya do.

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