Thursday, 13 January 2011

Autumnal Tummy

This skirt had a few compliments today. I was thinking I've got a new professional outfit. No. I've just burnt a hole in it. Hmm. So is life. A teapot needs to be ready by Monday with two cups and saucers. Firing especially tomorrow night for me. As the kiln isn't loading regularly in keeping with the rest of the slow downs. Sales everywhere. Stuart was by. HIs freelance photography is giving him free time. I do wonder why there is a range of cheap striped cups...I am the stripey cup girl. They are a watered down version of mine. It's a bit redundant. Seems...not there.

Unreal how Ben thinks. He likes the tuna that is not fish. He is enjoying school dinners. And hasn't looked back thank God. That was always making us late. French tonight. He says they wrote and as he couldn't write in French, he wrote in English. This is sounding quality....not. Not free either. One term will do. I didn't do these fancy things when I was six. I remember asking for ballet shoes. I had to wait until I was ten. My father used to call the owner of the dance school the flying pig. She had the autumnal tummy of a Thanksgiving turkey.

Background noise. Ben plays with toys mumble:
Kiss me man kiss me. Shiney then better. These are words come hero. Wah too. yeah. Ho. I'm riding my helicopter. Oh I'm aahhh. Thought you said yes. No let's save the earth. Wah. You love me. You love me love me move me. Operator. Mater, is that you? You're just a morning crime. You're just a cricket chime. I'd rather have a nother kid. Pow. Ka pang. Ka pay. Sorry Merican. Thank you for a lot of loveness. Serious. Is that what I thought? Takes a week to enjoy yourself. Oh I never forgot then. He's dead. Quick. Save this dog then. Is never done he's done. It's never going ilya done. away a wait, Kuwait. Ya didn't oil yet. Kid is breaking. Ya got me. eyaaaah. Altar power. no pa yeeeee. what a kew. Duba labba doo. Mum. I want to go to McDonalds. I said now. For the last time. Think of that. sing away. no just the truth isn't it. wah. tye die. I already saved your life. I'm gonna love this black dinner on me.

EVENTFUL hAPPY mEAL. Oskar back from Oslo. Just lost his ipad and computer in Costa this morning, his second office. I was looking for him this morning as I had locked myself out of the house and had some time to kill before Cosmo. Coincidence. Shedman who was always in Oslo pops by the other night with tales of Kazakstan and Oskar is going there in March. Will look for him. It's not like England he says. Oskar and Johnathan...inside outside views of the same country. Oskar from the top down.

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