Monday, 17 January 2011

Italy Time

First off....getting there.
Secondly...haven't been there.
Oh God. It's two o'clock?
" Italy time."
Italy time, that's right. Tony even has his watch tuned to Rome.
Don't you hate that when you ask someone how they make their soup
And you just get a deep ha ha mumble?
"Pasta Fagioli. In Italy, in wintertime, everyday.
"Is time to eat, you like, no talk, you don't like, throw away." Mr. Basic.
"And crisped chicken pattie with green beans and potato in tomato with basil?"
" You think I only do prima piatti?"
"Call the witness. Did you call the witness? My back. Is pain."
It's a ritual. He's a natural. He's got his ladies on the door next to the Pope. Family portraits and anonymous ass.

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