Tuesday, 18 January 2011

She Definetly Needs Some Mao

Definetly needs some Mao
Say Tongue
The Doing undone
Overdo it
The fun
Dries up like
Cake in a lady's tupperware
A lidless tupperware beware

"I'd sweep you off your feet
If I weren't pushing this broom."

Tufts of weed
In an aqua duct where the skaters ride.
Piles of leaves
In a place by the sea. There's the tide.
What you hear when you don't hear a thing.
Is the slight ping pong or the ping

Of the string gone on the guitar
The game I love but I do not lie
Sick of the light that is not from the sky

Is that how it is?
Possiblee, possiblot
Really hip, really not,
Hypno-tick, hypno-tock

Far away
How far
Five minutes
How bizarre
Formal as shit
Formal as shite
The British, so fucking polite.

What a tropical topic on tip of my twitter
My Goodness, Mao Goodness, My bitter

Ravel, unravel, scrabble, Ravello.
Don't know Ravello?
Google it.
You want something? Google it.
Need a back rub?Need a dinner plate?
Goo Girl
How to program your remote control.
What about looking in your soul?
What about ethically sourced cock?
Oh. We have that in stock now.
It's been our most popular item.
Hard to get a hold of.
Ah. Shipping?
Delivery is free....
Hand delivered in fact.
Oh how unusually friendly.
We have been having a very big sale
and improving our customer service.
Just a moment.
Let me spritz you with our new scent... boy scout water.
Whatever you need.
The customer is always right.
Oui...just press like.
She's never met anyone as upright as me
Like a Piano
Stiffer than keys
Do you have that in F sharp?

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