Wednesday, 12 January 2011

circles can be many things

I think I want to write this down now fore I forget. Last time we spoke he said he would be away for two months. I thought it was some kind of fob off. A few details would have helped. would China and following the Marco Polo Silk Road. Going away to Saudi this time "forever". My phone has been off for months. He was back in December. He's been trekking in the Western desert meeting people who have never seen a white man before especially one from Croydon. They wouldn't accept money for the tea they poured. Him and a bunch of ex-manager of Arsenal...some other big wigs. They all found Johnathan's life and his tales most interesting...well that's not hard.... always got a story. Fascinating-Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan. He wanted to take a photo of a jiggling American tourist who was just turning around 360 and all around her were foreigners....was having a foreigner freak out....and had hair only you can get in America in the fifties. hello googdbye. told everyone about me in the desert with the sandstorm and the we do in the desert... see him again one day. He was in need of some cups before he begins his life drinking perfume. No alcohol in Saudi. How long will that last? both snoring. couldn't slip back into time. Not the convenient girl that loves him anytime day or night. I love him, but it's always hello goodbye.
china building for thee 21st century. a town with e party line figure of 350,000...actually more like a million. all riding electrically powered mopeds. and when they go home, you know what they do. it would cause a black out in london. wicked snse of humour in the western desert. just amillion there. worn out. all we've had. best of many things. changed him china did. said he couldn't gert a job here. well. all his kids too. he'll come back and see them. a few more cups and a teapot. the 2011 design. circles. the more intelligent my friends are, they more comments they make on yur cups. golly. how nice. fractiles. like fractiles. i thought of them as sea anenomes. circles can be many things. circles of people. the arctic circle where he prefers to camp. damp tents fetching dew in devon. long strides along the sea. searching for seashells to cover my a fig leaf covers an adam. atom bombx let me entertain you. 25 years from now, china will have all that too. for now, everything in china is made in china. i hadn't thought of it, but it's true. they need no one else. they just bought the african debt of a country they now own. whatever we said, it was goodness there. then i dropped that high school shite on him like a father he said what are ou doing? and moved one moved on. had to tell that story. it seems real.

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