Friday, 28 January 2011

The Cooking Lady on Channel Nine

The cooking lady on channel nine
is pinafored up and looking divine
with a rolling pin
some flour in the bin
She's reading the label on the pint of gin
and recipes with nuts and seeds
She has grown to love these.
It's surprising that inside her there is not a tree.

Butter can get very hard when it is cold
You can form it when it's warm
Into any shape for form.
Butter melts sooner than the spoon that holds.
It over a flame.
Fling it in your mouth.
The medicine has begun.
A Barcelonic Brandy for some fun.

Frequent the palace and dress
for the place where the rabbit meets Alice
in underground lace.
Course it is nice when the icing falls off of your
But you shouldn't eat the icing first.
Icing and cake together...a full meal.
Fold the page over
Reap the nutrients
And browse the menu.

A fennel feathered pot
of oxo cube based lemon
soupy haberdashery of twig like tweed
tied up in tyme.
I'll have the fenneled ox horn please.

F is for function
Press F and function
Enter it into your brain

Teas in a tight space
Teas with a spice mate
Drink me to the bottom
and we'll read the leaves
of autumn in the news.
"Drink me." It drips on the
trampoline that ripples the only trace
Swivel rip the mask from the clown
faced night choke
walk in on the tight rope.
three beers for my balance please.

Sebum in the hair tells you everything.
Under the forensic light
There was evidence enough to say
she had failed brilliantly
like a diamond.
She was shown the way a disco ball
lights up a circus tent.

The sailor made a whirlwind up
when there was no breeze.
It blew him from the sea.

In palm tree captivity
the sandman blows to sleep
huff me puff me
the row boat, a fleet

Awfully human thing to do
to go with the flow
undertow and me
You can't compete with the undertow.
Its music takes you where you need to go.

He brushed off the sand that ran
through his fingers and his hair to his rescue as he laid ashore
damp seaweed...a fine pillow
grit in his teeth once more
it gets everywhere
simply naked from the storm
the sort of storm you only have with me.

She's happy enough
You can taste it in her biting
the plastic off her sandwich
as he puts his sandwich down.
Eat me.

Cripple the dead
so they fit in their tombs
make room and
save flowers for me

Drop bills at the Monaco Safeway
Injure the landscape
with your tin of peas
I'll dredge up the cup
and read the leaves
as they fall in the autumn
of your knees.
it said
drink me to the bottom
and we'll read the leaves
of autumn.

Don't do a do good thing
do a bad thing right
don't do a bad thing
do a good thing tonight.

I don't know if you know who I am
You've got the wrong person
She disagreed enormously
as he cuffed her
and took her away.

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