Friday, 7 January 2011

Finding Nemo

Hadn't thought about him for a long time until last night. Ben was in tears missing his dad...some asshole he's never even met. Asshole? Yeah I think that's appropriate. I thought I had no hard feelings towards him, but that's because I rarely think about him. It must be hard not even knowing your father. Mine died at the age of 44, but at least he loved me and I knew who he was.
We'd be glad to see him, but I don't know if he cares even 1% about his child. And for that reason, it's much better not to think about it. I tried to appease Ben with the names of some of the men figures in our life...Kevin, Tony...It's a short list. Richard has died. Nick has died. Kevin got married. Tony and Lorenzo really is about all. Poor boy deserves more than that. He is really a great little man. He wants to go to Azerbaijan and find his father. He prefers to think his father got lost.

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