Thursday, 27 January 2011

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans tomorrow. J has asked me to come in especially to diffuse the tension between Fletcher the fabulous flaming gay and Gareth the extreme Christian. Dinosaurs did not exist and gay people should not walk the earth according to his views which he never presses on me but apparently has to other people. G does not like to paint wedding plates for gay people. He has not met Fletcher before. I think it's very wrong.And it is. Ben at French. Last week he said...I don't know any French, so I wrote it in English. Can't imagine they are learning anything. Just a taster.

It had been rather subdued before I arrived...not a tension, but a gently getting on politely passing ashtrays of paint to one another as needed. I walked in to a "Here's trouble."  Nice welcome from Fletcher whose imagination works overtime as to what I get up to in real life. We all burst out laughing. Love the way Josie is painting a wedding plate and says....I've made this woman far more beautiful than she actually is. He won't recognize her. "You should charge a tenner more." Love the way the husband walked in moments later. There was a cup and a plate and the woman looked different on polygamy. Gareth got in a joke. Fletcher is full of quips and punches. He seems to think my life is wilder than it is...and then expands on what he knows...the stream of comings and goings. Overlapping? He is a devil. He twists it up.  Don't recall a thing. Josie says the boots with the buckles send the wrong message. Intimidating. Oh? They look like Dom boots. Oh? Ben picked them out. They are the most comfortable shoes I've got. I'd be afraid of you if I didn't know you walking down the street. Oh? That was honest. Because I look different? No. You walk like a storm trouper. Hmm. Interesting to know. I don't dress like Little Bo Peep, but I'm not a cross-dressing buckle whipper from Soho. I do get more phone numbers if I wear them. Look Jo, you've been out twice this week. You do more than you actually think. Thanks to Veronique. She drags me out.

The boys are in the bath. Not a school night. Andre's name has changed to Arthur. He is Andre at home and Arthur at school. As long as they keep the toys on the carpet. Rayguns out. Can I have this football? Ben said I could have his match attacks. No I didn't. Don't cut up the shuttlecock. In one piece thus far. 

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