Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Three Fingers

Three Fingers. Lick them. Girl Scout's Honour. It's true. It's really true. Angel, Angela, Angelina....Farfalla--a different name for every day of the week, but that aside, yes, she really was dragged down the street by her hair about fifty feet. She really was just hanging out by Piazza Jesu. It was later than I like to stay out...Maybe 2 or 3 am. People always hung by the fountains in Naples. And two girls on a motorini....moped, came by, grabbed her long hair and dragged her down the road. I wonder if they knew her. Not a purse snatching. Then again, did she have enemies? And strangely, she loves this story now. Back in her boring town where no one ever grabs her and drags her down the road...such a bore. Miss being dragged down the road....broken nose...from a separate accident.

The cafe
the custard on that girls chin
I miss the sunsets. More on sunsets later.

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