Thursday, 27 January 2011

He Met His Wife in the Park

He met his wife in the park
One day after bark had fallen
off trees along long
pebbled beach
where the lighthouse
Fell into
The sea
and saints without keys had lost
their way home.

I'd sweep you off your feet
If I weren't pushing this broom.

They stopped running and they strolled.
As they mended the day with the tales they told
She found the smooth place between his fingers
and nuzzled there
he cut a slice of pear
and dropped it
in her mouth
She bit his knuckles
as he wiped her lips clean

When they were together
She had the most beautiful mind
And so did he.
Let's go out to dinner before you
burn the potatoes again.
He always made fun of her
and she loved him for that.

He opened a bag of nuts and she
Pulled at the grass with her nails.
They hadn't decided where to go yet.
Plans always made themselves.

There would be a dinner
and some desert afterwards.
there would be a piano playing in the background
and they would dance like the extras in a
Fred Astaire  or Sinatra movie
but remain seated

she hummed a slow movement from
long salty summers
whispered in the moonlight

what we do for love
and what we don't
What we say
and what we won't

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