Wednesday, 26 January 2011

This Man was Talked to Death

The man was talked to death
And so was the girl.
Who had betrayed herself 
by being too friendly
and too fascinated
and too patient
and too shy
While she waited, 
a tornado consumed the invisible sky
 sucked the man up into the clouds and left the boy 
and the boy
never tried to be any of those things
as he'd never had to
be anything
but himself.
She felt sorry
he felt so little 
for all she felt.
He was too diabetic
to even touch her hand
or say something sweet.
He couldn't know her as 
She hadn't been herself.
So she set herself alight
with the last of the fire
and reincarnated
as something

There's nothing you can do about compliments you've made
but undo them
or the love you wudda gave
but pity the fool who ain't so brave
He's a few years off from being an old maid
Shoo him away and calamine the sting of the
Anal retentive epsom thing 
hiding under his hoody
with a boyscout badge
and a worldwide woody
msned from a girl in Brasil
who's too young to take the pill
safely typing miles away
no idea that he's gay
You'd have to be to watch bike videos all day.
Sprinkle that boyscout water on me
braindeaf empty shell 
of muscle and hair gel.
Feet greener than Peter Pan
Can't take off those shoes and hold
Your fingers or your feet.
My life's too sweet.
Would've liked to see you ride
But all you do is hide.

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