Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Destiny Destony

Destony. Destiny. Alliteration litter...lines at stake. No steak today. Actimel delivery this morning...babysitter hides on balcony. No drama. sent out for McD's. far too late for Hobbs. Chef surrender. fridge fuck. Bad at shopping too. Baskets in the bath. House cleaning? Just a little holiday from giving a fuck.Trip on the shit. break a few. reduce the flow of made in china plastic...could be making the cover of House Beautiful if only I had fewer toys and giant toy bins. open your last suitcase. Go on. Ben mobile. A claw the size of the adams apple on the jolly green giant. snap up those bargains. Thank God I didn't do it this year. All I got was a fake briefcase and a pair of arctic snow boots. and...yeah. that's it and some noddy shoes. and some summery spit skippers...high up off the ground. A coin I termed in Korea as they spit too much there. Platforms save the day. .....THAT was a phonecall. Shedman. Bam. Galactica.

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