Monday, 24 January 2011

Constant Holiday

Swub swub...the holy distance
Hocus pocus prop plane
Hyderabad to Chennai
90 degrees warmer than
where ever you or I
Would even dream of being.
He is always on a tropical island
or surrounded by signs in Swahili
or photographing sunsets.
Does he not tire of this life?
That man is on constant holiday
A hibernation in Idaho
A serious laying low
A reappearance
Hawaii again--because my sister lives there.
Chicago--tired. Let's move to Amsterdam
Serious HQ
 times five to the tenth power
Versailles....How are you settling in? Still in boxes?
Ahh. I'm just going for a swim
In New Mexico first to think things through
for a month or two. There have been a lot of changes.
.....with my old friend.
the one who...yes, we got into debt
Annnnd she danced our way out of it.
We smile.
I step aside and wonder.
I close my eyes.
Preferring not to theorize.
What a life.
Moss will never grow on Mr. Swindle.
Not even on one toe.

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