Sunday, 16 January 2011

Time and Place

He was blindfolded with his hands behind his back. Those were the instructions if he wanted to meet her. He slipped out of the handcuffs and removed the blindfold to check his watch. She should be here in ten minutes. He had time for a computer game. He had arrived early. Despite looking a little rebellious, he was actually quite cautious. The handcuffs had an easy press button. No fool would lock himself up for a complete stranger. He hadn't eve met her.

The blindfold was 100% cotton... a scarf really, not a professional, medical, or even party blindfold. He slept in it usually as the city lighting never slept. It penetrated his curtains like a raygun. And if it wasn't the lighting, it was the neighbors music...always something keeping him awake.

It was his own little square of cloth, the blindfold and it smelled of his sweat and she liked that.  it set her in a trance state thinking of it. She didn't like this trance state interrupted her day....transported to the land edible delights.

Stretched out on the bed with his shirt unbuttoned as instructed, his phone went off.  He pulled it out of his pocket...his girlfriend. He turned it off after checking the toiletries. Quality toiletries. The bath was immense. Anyone could walk through the door short or tall. He had been writing to her for months...happy to finally follow her instructions. Which hotel, which room, which view. It was hard waiting for her there.
She stood in the lobby checking her phone enjoying the view of the Tower Bridge. Yes. He had arrived. She knew that. She could see from her phone.

Or was it that he came over for a cup of tea. Milk, with no sugar. Hey, know that book. How about a game of scrabble.

This is tacky. It really needs a re-write. 

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