Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mural--Hedgehogs high on the list

Week three: Weeelll. You'd think we'd be further along, however there is much discussion. A pond theme. We've chosen an abstract design with three base colours: green, pale blue, and mirror for the pond. I'm bringing in next week shards of pottery and shells and glass I've collected from The Thames. This very different from the standard mosaic tiles, so I've suggested that we put them only in the pond.Pond is to the left cut three quarters showing. A grassy slope starting upper left down six inches then swooping diagonally and ending about two feet on the right. The rest is sky. A border with lady birds every ten inches. I can paint the lady birds separately onto tile. I can paint a few insects and slot them in like caterpillars and ants. Animals chosen are the fox because it is city and country and wise. A bird sitting on a tree that comes in from the upper right side. No dogs as Muslims don't like them. No crosses et. al although it is a Christian faith school. WOn't get into that. Another small animal....rabbit. I suggested a lamb but the fox might eat the lamb and scare the children....ha ha ha. Suggested that the children have a quick pole and come up with the animals they like. Hedgehog also high on the list. Still working on small paper. I would myself....have a large sheet out by now and move the animals around to see where they fit in. If space permits, also a dragonfly. Wings look nice in Mosaic. I will be busy this week with the final drafts. 

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