Saturday, 29 January 2011


Can I have this? Arthur holds up a Mcdonald's toy from Ben's toy bin.
You want it you can have it. Have it all. Whatever you like.
Mum, he's taking my Dr. Who. You can't have eveything. It isn't Hamley's.
I meant just a few.

I never lost my water gun but you did. Remember, the first time I came to your house? We had a bath. Do you like baths or do you hate baths. Shall we go out and play? No. It's late and it's dark.

I can get BBC extra on the computer. Can I go on the computer. Ben ten games. I know how to get on the safe internet. What's the safe internet? What's the unsafe internet? The normal one. Oh. Have you seen the normal one? What's this about the normal internet. Oh I see. People uhmm.

What are these? Those are slides. Is there pictures in it? Those are my paintings from.... the olden days? yes, the olden days when people had slides.

How do you feel when you're up in this chair?
Get down from there.
Shall I cut my hair?
No. Don't cut your hair. Your father will never bring you here again if you go home with no hair.

sorry it's only baked beans
i burned the potatoes
Shopping List
cocoa puffs or pops?
shredded wheat
milk, butter, crumpets
fish fingers

If your Mum was completely gone and dead would you cry? Oh Ben you ask the strangest things.
That's a Spiderman arm. It doesn't go with that motorcycle. Where's the sitting down Spiderman? He goes with that motorcycle.
Come eat. We've got roast potatoes and lamb. You will eat it and you will enjoy it otherwise, you will grow up to be skinny nothing men.
I want chocolate Pancakes.

Where is your Ben Ten Watch? Arthur wants to play with it.
can you change the batteries is this remote? Wrong size.

OK. A bath. Can we wear goggles? No. That is not necessary.
But I want to see his willy underwater. Just look at it above ground.
Those are mine. Can we pee together? If you like.

the day is fragmented into a million different duties
as the toys spread apart on the floor.
and the neighbor knocks once more.
The father comes. Says Ben is highly intelligent. Must be all his toys. You must have thousands of pounds worth of toys here. Thank you. Have some. 

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