Friday, 1 February 2008

Thoughts while waiting for a straw

Harvey lies on the beach sipping a homemade cocktail
Out of a family size tupperware container.
He has forgotten a cup,
So goes to the concession stand to get a straw.
A tall woman infront of him turns around to signal to her many icecreams again?
Her bare breast nearly brushes his cheek.
He is glad it did not.
The silicon is bubbling up in the hot sun.
Maybe they will melt into one.
Maybe he should invent an SPF cream
That prevents silicon from boiling.
No. It's probably been done...
already in the lab awaiting a patent.
He thinks about a time when things used to be real....
When the foam on the waves was not due to pollution
And the red in the icecream was fruit, not red dye 13,
and floppy or not,
Breasts were what you saw is what you got.
Such a rainy thought for such a sunny day.
Maybe he should skip the straw
Go home and watch the beach on the travel channel
Crank up the airconditioning,
Pull up a towel in the living room
and get some icecubes for his Mai Tai.
Is that fake?
That would be very fake.
He checks his pager like a doctor on call
And makes a quick exit
For his living room.
I feel like faking it today.

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