Friday, 8 February 2008

Today's alphabet

A is for annoying neighbours annodised by arsenic...and anti-bush abracadabra
The bright blue lights of runways, stardom and the number 38 bus
The child catnip embedded in the disney cars dvd
The deafening "I want"
E...easy but actually hard
F is for the fortitude afforded by protein drinks
The gondolas and the gondoliers going home after sunset
H is for holding
I is for Islam and Sharia law soon to take over parliament
J is for not joking
K is for Kevino supremo...King of Kink
L is for lemons, limes, and love
M is for mysterious fog over the buried kings of Iona
N is for naughtiness and nighties
O is for oats...wild, organic, and otherwise, peeling open an orange on the Orient Express
P is for Peculiar and Old Peculiar
Q is for questions
R is for rest, random, rather, road kill
S is for sensual Samantha and seedy motels with dying neon signs
T is for trance state and Tony Cannelloni
U is for undeveloped coastline and undiscovered hookah bars
V is for very creative, very tied, very tired
W is for waistline, waste, was and wasn't
X is for x
Y is for Yasmin in Detroit and her sister who didn't have such an interesting name
Z is for Zoe and her costco addiction

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